About us


The RONOS Group was founded with the belief that the technology product is your ticket to admission but it’s the people, processes and tools that will allow you to scale profitably and ultimately achieve your desired growth. At the center of this belief is your customer and the perceived value they receive from the services you provide. The Co-Founders of The RONOS Group used this philosophy over the past 25 years leading to multiple technology exists most recently at 10X revenue.

The Obtain, Retain and Gain client philosophy firmly rooted in trust, integrity, and ethics and integrated with your people, processes and tools will allow you to maximize and scale your business.  We cannot wait to show you how.

RONOS was started to provide full service customer acquisition, retention and growth services to software companies.


Implementation Consulting

We offer expert software implementation experience with deep change management and adoption services expertise - helping you gain critical efficiencies to compete in today’s market.


Customer Success Services

With the Net Promoter Score as a driver, our team of Customer Success Mangers supports your company needs to move detractors to promoters and promoters to your lead generation team.


Talent Services

With The RONOS Group’s proven methodologies and expert management consultants, we will help you optimize business results by acquiring and managing the right talent at the right time.