Implementation Consulting Services


The RONOS Group offers expert software implementation experience with deep change management and adoption services expertise - offering our clients a holistic solution to gaining the critical efficiencies necessary to compete in today’s market. 

The RONOS Group’s purpose is to ensure your team obtains universal adoption of your software toolset. According to Tech Republic’s study, 68% of software projects fail. We keep that from happening through our defined implementation process that has been refined and executed upon over 20 years.


Our team of experienced implementers understand that adoption is much more than button clicking an application. We are, therefore, much more than a safety blanket for your investment.  We make sure that your software investment is done right and that you maximize the return on that investment by ensuring you realize the efficiencies in which you originally envisioned when purchasing your enterprise software solution.

What makes us unique?


The RONOS Group delivers world class results with a proven methodology developed over 20 years of software implementations. Our involvement transcends the software and focuses on the people, processes and tools that will make your project a success and help you achieve 100% of the benefits in which you originally envisioned.


The RONOS Group was founded by career software implementation executives with 20+ years of experience ensuring adoption is obtained across the globe from SME to Fortune 500 multinationals.


We care deeply about the fact that implementing software is a significant business change to your team and we focus on change management and adoption from the beginning. We focus on change management and total adoption to maximize your ROI.


We hire people with domain expertise in specific applications and specific verticals.


We don’t just look for sign offs as success. We jointly determine business metrics that matter and determine our success based on the achievement on those metric based goals and measure them all along the way. 



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